Thursday, July 9, 2009

Setting Up Shop

We can't get into our new house yet and so this week, we have focused on setting up our new offices. We got the DSL line installed and set up new accounts with a bank across the street. The furniture is slowly taking shape, too. Here's Honey helping Mick put the drawers on my desk.

We are shopping for bookshelves, file cabinets, and a mailbox to hang outside the door. Shopping is fun, kind of, but difficult in a new location. I mean, if we were still in Berkeley, we'd head over to Urban ore and be done with it, but here? Well, we're learning. And it helps to have family nearby.

For instance, Mick needs a tall desk - not exactly a drafting table, but not a regular desk, either. We despaired of ever finding anything suitable until Travis offered to build one. And now, Mick is happily designing what he wants. (Travis is a master carpenter!)

Katie is also very helpful, steering us toward the best places to shop. I had a great time yesterday combing through some second hand furniture stores with Katie and Honey. More of that will come, too.

Meanwhile, the inspector gave a good report on the house this morning. He was a kind man and willing to answer all our questions about living in a new climate. For instance, he told us to close the vents to the crawlspace in summer and open them in winter, so that moisture cannot collect under the house. In Berkeley, we had wet winters and dry summers, and the basement vents stayed open all the time. We never had to worry about mold in Berkeley, but here, its a big issue.

It looks as though we will close on the house next week and take possession by next weekend.
Until then, we are very comfortably resting in a lovely vacation rental house about 1.5 miles from Katie's house in Perryville. You can see the lake through the trees, and country noises surround us - birds, dogs, cows. Its very restful. Our dogs have enjoyed staying in one place this week. And so have we.

We have a kitchen at the lake house and we are eating very well: Katie gave us eggs, milk and meat from her farm - yum. And Leo made a wonderful curried cauliflower dish the other night. Yum again.

I miss my friends. I miss my beautiful Berkeley home. But adding it all together, I feel really lucky to be here. And when we get settled into the new house, I'm sure I'll feel even better.
New Addresses:
Home - 5013 North Lookout Street, Little Rock, AR 72205
Office - 2821 Kavanaugh Blvd, Suite 3D, Little Rock, AR 72205
No phone numbers yet - use our cell numbers to reach us. Email addresses have not changed. We enjoy hearing from everybody, and may not be able to respond immediately. Please be patient with us.

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  1. Thank you, thank you for keeping us all updated on your fine adventure. Slowly it all comes together (like the desk in the photo) and life gets back to normal. I know you have the big "oomph" of moving into the new house, but that soon will be done as well. It'll be so wonderful. Take pictures of your surroundings so we can all vicariously enjoy the new world you're in.

    We miss you guys, too. It'll never quite be the same around here without you.