Thursday, June 10, 2010

Arkansas Life, do-over

Oops. Once again, I accidentally posted the title but not the rest. My bad. Here is a do-over.

Mick just finished this lovely cover for Arkansas Life magazine. I thought you'd like to see it. His work has picked up a little, including a nice job for the British company, Badger Beer. He's happy to have a few weeks of work ahead of him.

My accounting boss gave me a raise last week, and she helped me mapped out a path that leads towards ever increasing responsibility and income. I'm very pleased.

Leo gets out of school next week and I had hoped he'd be coming home soon. But instead, he got a job working for the maintenance department on the UC Irvine campus over the whole summer. He will be painting and doing general labor and earning some serious money. I'm happy for him that he got the job. He is also going to China for two weeks with his school chorus to participate in an international competition in July. Very exciting. And somewhere in the mix of all that, I hope he can spend a few days with us in Arkansas. He promises that he will. Otherwise, I'll have to go hang out with him in California, just to stop missing him as much as I do.

I have to say that things are pretty sweet for us right now.

Mick and I enjoyed the Little Rock Film Festival last Friday and Saturday. Saw about fifteen movies over two days - some really good feature-length indy movies and many locally made short films. Some of the shorts were awful, but most were pretty great.

On Sunday, we celebrated Honey's second birthday at a lakeside picnic with a bunch of other kids and friends. Honey had a really great time. She's just old enough to really enjoy the fuss, and not old enough to be cynical or demanding. I mean, every new treat was a surprise to her - cake! presents! swimming! balloons! We all enjoyed ourselves very much. Here are the pictures:

Meanwhile, we are waiting for the new baby - due any day now. There's nothing more difficult than this last part of a pregnancy, especially when you live in a small town and everyone is watching you. A hundred times a day, people ask Katie, "No baby yet?" even though the answer is pretty darned obvious. They mean well, I suppose, but its all pretty tedious for her, not to mention the heat. She's in pretty good spirits, bless her heart. I promise to tell you as soon as the baby comes.

In the meantime, I hope your summer shapes up how you want it to go. Cheers to you all from hot, steamy Arkansas.

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