Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Almost There . . .

We're days away from taking possession of our new house, and we can hardly wait. Here are front and back views of the house, which is located at 5013 N Lookout Street. It has 3 bedrooms and two baths, totaling almost 1500 square feet. Here are pictures of the front and back of it. I'll show the inside when we actually get into it.

Our realtor got sick last week, and so did her two young children, but she still managed to keep the sale process moving forward. I missed her message about the final closing date, though, and Mick and I spent a frantic couple of hours today filing out forms, getting them notarized, and overnighting them to our California bank so that the money will be wired to the local title company in time for the closing tomorrow afternoon. My head is bursting from all the details I'm trying to track and I will be soooo glad when this process is finally completed!

Here's Mick telling Travis what kind of desk to build for him, with Honey looking on. I'll post pictures of the desk, and our office, when we finish setting up everything. Right now, the place still looks like a storage locker!

Another big Arkansas revelation today was at the Toyota dealership in Little Rock, where we went for service to our Prius. The place was enormous. It would have covered about 4 square blocks of downtown Berkeley. And it had its own coffee bar (see the picture), with massage chairs, big-screen TVs and a kids' playroom. I've never seen any repair shop like that.

I promise to stop gushing about how cheap it is in Arkansas – surely you would quickly tire of that, and actually, some things are not cheaper here, like phones and cable TV. But it felt pretty sweet last Friday night to fork over only one $20 bill for three tickets and a bag of popcorn at the movie theater. I could get used to that!

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  1. New place looks sweet. Damn what a big honkin yard! The dogs will love it.

    What's the summer like there? How is the weather? Does everyone speak in foreign tongue? Are they fascinated that you're from California?