Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ice, Snow and Warm-Hearted Arkansas

On the phone last weekend, my dad was telling me about the deep blanket of snow he could see from his apartment window in Virginia. Cars buried to the roof. It sounds like trouble for anybody who needs to travel in the area, but thankfully, Dad is safe and warm and well supplied. He'll be OK.

We got hit with snow Sunday night and it fell all day on Monday - about six inches here in Little Rock. This is a picture of the street in front of our office Monday morning at about 11 am. Everything shut down Monday, Tuesday and also Wednesday. We were able to drive to work and back for two days, but when the slush freezes overnight, driving becomes impossible until it melts. Schools are still closed today, and its c-o-l-d.

Everybody says, "This is very unusual weather for Arkansas!" and I believe them. I saw kids and parents out making snowmen and sledding on the neighborhood streets yesterday. I asked a guy how his family copes with all the snow days and he told me that eating chili and going sledding is their family's tradition. In other words, they make the best of it.

We have not been able to visit with Katie during this weather because of the road conditions, but she sends us pictures. Here's Honey enjoying her home-made sleigh ride. And here she is wearing her new boots and asking for permission play with my dogs.

Our poor old dogs hate the snow. We have to put a leash on Chloe and lead her out into the yard because she doesn't like walking on the snow. And Tashi starts shivering, despite her thick Tibetan fir coat, I think because her feet are cold. I can't say that I blame them.

I got a job as a tax preparer for a small local CPA firm, starting tomorrow. That's another whole story, and I'll write about my job search later, but I want to share just one thing my new boss told me: although Arkansas and Mississippi are the two poorest states in America, they rank first and second for the percentage of citizens reporting charitable donations on their tax returns. Sweet, eh?

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  1. Glad to hear you and Mick are weathering the weather. When I lived in the Berkshires I complained bitterly about the winters there (they were truly horrible). Sorry that global warming is not happening there.

    Here we've had nothing but rain. When visiting LA last week they had 3.5" in one day and the hills were sliding. Up here we've had hail and driving rain and even occassional lightning bolts. Our office has so little insulation that we have to practically scream at each other during hard downpours.

    Can't wait to hear about the new job. That's when you really get to meet the locals.