Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Walking is our only New Year's resolution (besides world peace and prosperity). So on New Year's Day, Mick and I took a two hour walk on the Arkansas River Trail. The weather, as you can see, was wonderful: temps in the mid 40s, clear skies. The next day, we were a little bit sore but very self-righteous.

Mick dug out his pedometer and discovered that the walk from our house to our office is nearly a half mile. He can do 3 miles of walking every day just by leaving the car at home. The weather is the only wrinkle in his plan.

It started snowing on Sunday evening and there is another snow storm arriving tonight. Because nobody has snow removal equipment in this area - or snow tires on their cars and school buses - they closed the schools on Monday and Tuesday, even though the total snow on the ground was less than a half inch in most places. Even the University here in Little Rock was closed.

Here are pictures of our front yard and back alley dusted with snow first thing on Monday morning. The snow kept falling gently all morning on Monday, but it was mostly gone by noon, when the sun came out. Apparently, the storm that's coming tonight will leave much more snow, and we expect everything will be completely shut down for the rest of this week.

Even when the snow isn't falling, we are dealing with temperatures in the 20s and it's hard to justify going outside if you don't need to go. Mick has continued his walking regime - Go Mick! - but not me. I'm staying home with my laptop, doing my tax school classes online, and cooking soups and stews - I think they call it "Hunkering."

Last night, we ventured out to hear a Tibetan Lama named Khentrul Lodro Thaye who was speaking at the downtown public library in Little Rock. Besides Mick and me, about 30 people came to hear him teach about training ourselves in loving and compassionate states of mind. I was grateful for the reminder.

Here are this week's pictures of Honey. I took the one of Honey test driving a chair in the store. Katie took the one of Honey watching the snow fall. Everything is new when Honey's around. Its amazing.

I hope the weather is good to you wherever you live. And that the new year (and new decade) will bring better times for everyone. Cheers!

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  1. We've been thinking about you and Mick with the cold weather reports in the mid west. I take it from your report that it doesn't snow appreciably in Little Rock. Surprising that there's no snow removal equipment.

    Here we've got a cold snap too. It's 61º in the office and we're all huddled next to our individual heaters. Been riding my bike to and back from work and that gets the blood moving. Even went out for a row yesterday.

    My brother and girl friend just came back from India teaching buddist monks about science. They had a wonderful time and the monks are so curious and creative in their thinking. They get in these good natured arguments with each other, slapping their hands to emphasize their points.