Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where We Work . . . Or Try To

I know that some of our friends work from home or have office spaces that they rent for themselves. A couple of people have asked me about our workspace, so I decided to show you. This is our office building on Kavanaugh Blvd in Hillcrest. Our space is on the top floor, opposite side, and our room has three windows overlooking a small grove of trees.

Mick works in one corner of the large, square room and I have the other. His corner is furnished with the desk and credenza that Travis built for him. We also bought a bunch of bookshelves to provide a border to Mick's space, and it feels pretty good to him now. My corner is not so nicely fixed up yet, so I'm not showing it. Besides, I don't create such nice artwork to hang over my desk as Mick does. I'm thinking maybe I'll make a collage of magazine covers or something. Stay tuned for pictures of my corner.

Between Mick's corner and the windows, we put our Chinese table and chairs. Both of us like to sit at this table for projects that require elbow room. I'm aiming to hang a bird feeder outside the window once I figure out how to regularly restock it with feed, without breaking my neck.

We found this funny cabinet in an antiques store for $150. Its actually a pie safe, but we use it for our office supplies.

Mick has been working steadily all summer, while I have been focused on getting the family moved and all the millions of details involved in that transition. Also, to be honest, publishers are not beating down my door looking to start or grow anything in this terrible economy. I'm trying to be ready for them when they come out of hibernation, which will be soon, I hope. Meanwhile, I read the job listings every day and fantasize a new career - one with steady demand and decent wages. Hummm, could I dust off my waitressing skills?

Yesterday, Mick and I took a hour off to hike the trails in the park across from our house. This park is really just a small ravine with about 2 miles of trails going up one side and down the other. But its pretty - and close by - so we will probably make a habit of going there. I could almost imagine the sound of banjos coming from some settler's cabin across the woods, or a bear crashing through the trees. But mostly, we heard the sound of commuters driving home along the roads at the top of the ravine, and air conditioners humming behind the apartment buildings at the end of the trail. I guess that's what you get from a city park. Meanwhile, it provides a very nice break from everything, and good workout.

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  1. Hi All - It's been great seeing all the progress you've made. Your office already looks more finished than mine and I've only been here 15 years! I hope Mick is wearing pants under that desk because the thought kind of scares me. Missing you from California but the Giants are doing well as soon as you left ... coincidence - I think NOT! -- Ron