Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Contractor Recommendations

I am grateful to these workers, who performed above and beyond the call to help us get the Berkeley house ready for a sale. Maybe you can use them, too.

Painting (inside and out) – Saul Espinosa and his brothers are very conscientious and skillful. Saul’s cell number is 510-599-7336.

Trees – Jeff Blaney prunes our trees. 510-848-9143 is his number.

Floors – refinishing our hardwood floors, Calvin’ Hardwood Floors 510-381-1363.

General Carpentry – Brian Bartsch has a small crew that did several projects for us, such as building a new garage door. Brian’s cell is 510-693-3947.

Roofing – The Collins Brothers and their crew did a quick, clean job of it.

Heating and Water Heater – AARVAK’s 510-848-5010.

John Frick installed Marmoleum bathroom floors, 510-758-2122. He specializes in installing natural floorings.

Windows – Stuart Sungden’s A1 Windows cleaned all the house and studio windows and blinds for the showing. 510-849-2900.

Arkansas Did-You-Know Fact of the week:

The state capitol building in Little Rock is an exact replica of the US Capitol building in Washington. A site called Arkansas Roadside Stories has a charming story about mistakes that were made while the building was being constructed, saying: "Opposition was fierce, the politicking was dirty, corruption was rife, essential technical expertise was missing and the project was canceled and resumed many times over, driving the cost up to 2.5 million dollars spent over sixteen years."

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